Habijan Inspires Anew In 2nd Teachers Congress

May 31, 2014 | By: Christian Mespher A. Hernandez

Dr. Erico M. Habijan, chief education supervisor of DepEd IV-A CALABARZON, shared words of wisdom to the 1,800-strong teaching force of the Schools Division of Imus City during the 2nd Imus City Teachers Congress held at Imus Sports Complex on May 31.

Habijan shared meaningful insights and urged the teachers to always be professional in everything they do.

“Ang nagpapabuti sa tao ay ang pagtataglay at pagsasabuhay ng mga mabubuting gawain,” he stressed.

Dr. Erico M. Habijan
BE A “GURO-NARYO.” Dr. Erico M. Habijan inspired Imus City teachers anew as he shared some secrets to being an excellent teacher during the 2nd Imus City Teachers Congress held on May 31.

The regional chief highlighted 6 habits of an excellent “guro-naryo” by Bo Sanchez that he trimmed down and articulated, into:

  1. Linawin mo kung ano ang yaman mo. (Treasure versus Wealth)
  2. Alamin mo ang mga BAKIT ng iyong EMOSYON at DAMDAMIN. (God’s purpose)
  3. Lumikha ka ng pinaniniwalaang yaman. (Change of mindset.)
  4. Ang pagiging agresibo ay gawing palagian.
  5. Magpursigi ka kung saan ka magaling. (Do not neglect your gift.)
  6. Ipamahagi mo ang iyong yaman. (Share your gift. It is your best investment.)

He also presented three challenges:

  1. Pick your own battles. Not everything is worth flipping out over.
  2. Huwag mong hayaang maging mahirap ka.
  3. Pasukubin mo ang lahat. Kung ayaw mo magpasukob, umalis ka.

Habijan, after praising the use of E-learning, challenged the teachers to conduct a research about the effective use of technology in students’ learning outcomes compared to the traditional way of teaching as a study of Wolf (2013) suggested otherwise.

He, however, said whatever strategies teachers choose to use, the best will still be the “strategy from the heart.”

It can be recalled that Habijan also graced the first congress held May last year.

The second congress also featured the Imus City Public WIFI and website presentation, and discussions about the school calendar, child protection policy, guidelines on promotion, Abot-Alam program, and SCOUTERS ROCK, the 12 things to do for Transparent, Ethical and Accountable (TEA) Governance of Region IV-A CALABARZON.

2nd Teachers Congress
SCOUTERS ROCK, IMUS ROCKS. Division coordinators and school principals lift giant letters to form SCOUTERS ROCK, the 12 things to do for Transparent, Ethical and Accountable (TEA) governance in DepEd CALABARZON.
12 Things to DO for TEA Governance in DepED CALABAZON