DepEd Imus learns Whole Brain Thinking

By: Christian Mespher A. Hernandez
Chakra Meditation
CHAKRA MEDITATION. DepEd Imus City leaders experience clear mind and achieve a stress-free feeling as they undergo Chakra meditation and let their souls travel for a while as Resource Speaker Ms. Cecilia Manikan facilitates.

The Schools Division of Imus City leaders, headed by CES/OIC SDS Dr. Lualhati O. Cadavedo, will start undergoing complete transformation thru choreographing own lives and cultivating positive thoughts—all for the delivery of quality education services to Imuseño students.

This was the group’s collective resolve after attending the “Three-day Whole Brain/Self Mastery Workshop for Educators and Gender and Development Seminar” held at Lola Corazon Leisure Farm at Candaba, Pampanga on Dec. 20-22.

The participants were composed of SDO personnel (OSDS, CID, SGOD, Accounting, Finance, HR, Administration and ICT), school principals and department heads.

Resource Speaker Ms. Cecilia Manikan, a faculty member of the Development Academy of the Philippines, Ateneo Professional Schools, and Bayan Academy of the ABS-CBN Foundation, and also one of the leading proponents of Whole Brain Self Mastery in the Philippines, brought DepEdImus to an in-depth evaluative journey of how they fulfil their roles and cope with the demands of the world in light of their ability to think, do, feel, communicate, intuit, lead and be.

Anchored on neuroscience research findings on brain preference and behavior, the seminar-workshop focused on concepts, theories and principles why people behave the way they do, why they behave differently from one another, and how these translate to teaching-learning styles and organizational dynamics in management and leadership situations.

The group discovered the true essence of love, compassion and kindness in words and in deeds, as well as how to guard thoughts, to think positive and to be healthy at all times by avoiding cortisol (stress hormones) and embracing endorphins—happy hormones that facilitates learning, decrease pain and increase pleasure.

Speaker Ms. Cecilia Manikan

Using mind-spirit connection anchored on “Chakra” system, the participants tried meditation and their spirits were uplifted as they learned that “goodness is the best defense of all” and everyone should “do good because it is innate in people to do good.”

Manikan stressed that “respect” is the foremost value in the 21st century and there are tools for developing the various capacities of the self in meeting the requirements of 21st century learning and becoming a highly functional education leader in a global context.

Quoting Alvin Toffler, she said, “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

At the end of her session, Manikan pointed out that no person is better than the other. What all people should be concerned of is: “How can I become my highest best self?”