Longganisang Imus, perfume products featured in livelihood training for SPED Teachers, Learners

                                Teacher I, Bayan Luma II ES
e-Carscope 2020 at work
Tanzang Luma ES teachers share their knowledge on how to cook Original Longganisang Imus and make it extra special with homemade Malunggay powder. (Photo by Nicole Blaire D. Sabillo)

The Schools Division Office of Imus City conducted a training entitled “Livelihood and Career Opportunity for Special Education Teachers and Learners” on July 10-11 at Imus Pilot Elementary School, City of Imus, as part of its program on career guidance.

Adora C. del Mundo, Education Program Supervisor in Kinder/SPED/ELLN, spearheaded the training and shared about Livelihood Skills and Overview, with full support from OIC-Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Hermogenes M. Panganiban.

Participants were composed of select school heads and 25 SPED teachers from Imus Pilot ES, Gov. D.M. Camerino ES, Anabu II ES, Malagasang II ES, Alapan I ES, Bukandala ES and Bayan Luma II ES, all of which are offering Inclusion Program.

Dr. Nelson M. Ravina, one of the speakers, pointed out that SPED teachers should have “a change of heart,” in teaching and helping learners with special needs.

Ravina shared the latest researches and trends in Special Education, Inclusion, Curriculum-Based Strategies and Assessment, and Vocational Livelihood Program in American Learning Experience.

He also added that skills, strategies and support are really needed for teachers to reduce the stress levels and to feel more positive about the inclusion because “this will give certain focus on transition learners to make them independent as they learn livelihood activities.”

Since the target of the training is a livelihood program, Jinkee M. Saria and Elma G. Abad, both teachers from Tanzang Luma ES, showcased their knowledge on how to cook Longganisang Imus and make it extra special and unique with homemade Malunggay powder.

Food processing of tocino and beef tapa was also demonstrated by Recheal B. Canlas, Merizza C. Tabacon, Gretchen S. Torio and Rosita Gerona from General Emilio Aguinaldo National High School. Aside from food processing, Parfum 101 by House of Artisan, a company committed in advocating perfume-making, extended its support to the event by sharing essential knowledge to market their very own fragrance.

“We return the economy’s corporate social responsibility through social entrepreneurship,” said Parfum 101’s Conrad B. Aporto Jr.

The workshop taught the teachers and learners the venture-production formula, conceptualization of products and compounding, mixing tips, production cost, packaging and how to establish the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) for perfume and alcogel.

At the end of the workshop, all handcrafted (in the Artisan way) products, Body sprays, Eue de Toilette and Alcogel were exhibited.

In an interview after the event, Del Mundo said the SDO has high hopes for another conference for Special Education and Alternative Learning System Programs in October.

e-Carscope 2020 at work
Ms. Adora G. Del Mundo, EPS-SPED, presents to Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Galileo L. Go, the perfumes and body sprays which are outputs of SPED teachers and learners in the Parfum 101 workshop by House of Artisan. (Photo by Nicole Blaire D. Sabillo)